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AUC employee fired for email?

August 4, 2011
someone forwarded me this message, saying that an AUC employee sent this email to the president and got fired because of it. I dont know if this is true, but I will post the email just to have people know what's going on. I actually dont agree with a lot of the points he makes, but that is irrelevant. if this story is true, then AUC will have to explain a lot. no one should ever be fired for things he/she said.. 

Dear President Lisa

Kindly I repeat how much I respect you as a person and I feel you are a very special person , still professionally I need your comments about the following points

1- What is your justification for preventing engineer working at AUC from entering the campus illegally just because the previous day he made strike against administration ?….. and when he complained to Egyptian authorities about such illegal action he entered the campus with Egyptian Police presence , someone in the administration violated Egyptian laws , Did he\she get punished ? Is it normal for AUC administration to neglect Egyptian laws? Does not that enough proof of very illegal actions from big place like AUC!!
Is not that enough proof of careless administration and illegal actions

2- There is official record in New Cairo police station against AUC university that you prevents someone from taking his personal belongs back from his office that hold his name after illegally disabling his  ID access to the office , this office in 2136 SSE building and till today this protester did not take his belonging ! is this ethics !!

3- Did it happen that the university lied to Egyptian police when they came on gate 4 and treated the police in inappropriate way , did you know that police represent the whole government and any offend to a police member is considered insult to the whole government ? Is this your policy as Dr. Lisa or your policy as AUC president ? personally I believe that USA president Obama is a great man and he would never delegate someone to do such actions ! so can you justify this?

[ By the way there is official record for that and witness statement  ]

4- Do you know that UTI  [IT office for the university ] stores hashed passwords for all AUC emails since it started to synchronize with Ldap server and this is how AUCian can log into linux machines with their email ID and password.

and that allow the university to log in any email they want and access any password for any AUC email , there is evidence for that in official complaint at your office , did you make any reaction to this privacy violation serious problem ? or you like it so that you can enter anyone email inbox and search it like what you have done with me on Date: 2011/6/7 when you entered my email in box and used it illegally neglecting laws again and again as you must be aware that accessing my email inbox require either court permission or my permission , did you have either ?

5- Can you justify the repeated strikes like weekly or monthly at AUC , is this normal , I believe it was even before the revolution when people normally was afraid to talk , can you justify that ? University staff, cleaning workers, security staff , students ... everyone !
I guess the only people who did not strike are the senior management, can you justify that?

6- do you believe in freedom of expression ? did you write the email you sent on 2011/3/18 [ attachment 2 ] yourself  or you delegate someone else to do so ? my point did you read it at least ? Did you mean the words you said in your speech in New York about Egypt  ?

 If so how come you write this email too [attachment 1] threatening someone to get fired for making peaceful strike after working hours  !!!!??? !
The strike was after 4 PM not to disturb any work , is there any more ideal peaceful strike !!!!  

Why do you use this way that all people are weak against, their work and the associated salary, 
you must know how much any employee needs his job and his salary, especially in economy like the current one in Egypt .  So why you use this unethical compulsion way? Should I give away my pride just to keep my job , is this the code of ethics you follow ?

7- Do you and Mr,Brian respect the Egyptian laws generally ? Do you know that firing someone in middle of valid contract with no good reason  is against the Egyptian laws? do you know that you have to respect the rules of the country you are working and living on its land ? being the stronger part in [ employee - employer ]  relationship does not mean firing anyone you  like . This is why the law was invented. Are you sure you depend on good reasons and good advice in this regard?

8- Can you tell us what exactly your PHD major is? Also can you explain why there was a survey in the library 2 weeks ago before Jan 25 asking questions like “what makes you as Egyptian so angry .etc?”

Can you tell us how many years you have been researching this area “Regime change”

10- Do you believe in human rights?  [y/n]

11- Do you know there is strike in the meantime and someone is sleeping on strike at night where the weather is cold  at night in the university  just to get his minimum rights ? [y/n]

12- if your answers were Y && Y in questions 10 ,11 - > then do you sleep well at night ?

13- Do you know it is unethical and most probably illegal to force employees to pay money [10 LE every day] to park their cars at their work place, its work and academic place not Disney land!!

So I am raising this issue to

-   Egyptian authorities and  in case I get fired as you promised

-   The Egyptian Prime Minister his Excellency professor Essam Sharaf

-   U.S. Department of State [  I am asking help from anyone who has connections there to forward it to them] as I am sure the great American ethics and rules is not applied here at AUC

Again President Lisa I really have a lot of good memories at AUC and I owe to this place a lot , I have learned a lot and gained a lot from AUC , I even volunteered at the New Campus to protect it after the revolution and after the security space in Egypt . Still I am a very proud Egyptian and I hate to see all these violation from American University in Cairo under the umbrella of its name.

I really love AUC but maybe I have a very different opinion about the university administration so - as you personally had allowed-  I am expressing some issues here to co-operate in the contributions to this great institute as the freedom of expression is the basic step to build


Thanks President for your time and understanding

Best Regards,


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July 19, 2011

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July 19, 2011

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