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How to support Egy Revolution from a far.

December 17, 2011

To revolutionaries away from the front line

Whether you are Egyptian or not, living abroad or cant leave your home in Cairo, you can still make a difference. Just because you are not at the front lines, doesnt mean you can help the revolution, and never EVER let anyone make you doubt your level of humanity and dignity.

here are a number of things you can do:

1- Spread Information, photos, videos. we are documenting history, and giving the revolution a voice.

2- Word of mouth: I know its very annoying and tiring, but when you talk with everyone about what’s happening it helps, especially those who are against the revolution. argue, know your facts, be confident, always tell the truth, and anyone with a heart will understand.

3- Make Calls: if you’re in Egypt, call the directory, restaurants, even telephone services, just ask the employee if he’s aware of the army killing the people in tahrir. if you’re abroad, call your government, most western governments support SCAF, annoy them till they do something about it.

4-Supplies and Aid: while the war of information is very important, people are dying as you read this, they need medical supplies. revolutionaries at the front line need helmets, send those to the square.

5- Protest at the Egyptian embassy. 

Even when you answer one of the people cussing out revolutionaries on twitter, that is a form of support. if you cant be at tahrir, you can certainly help.

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