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SCAF’s main “tool” ahmed spider

October 30, 2011
I was thinking the other day why the international media doesnt pay much attention to pro-Mubaraks, for objectivity, and thought they dont have the same numbers that we have at all. And getting the side of the Supreme Council of Armed forces(SCAF) is pro Mubarak enough. 
But the SCAF uses many tools to get what they want, one of them is Ahmed Spider.. yes, it's Ahmed SpiderI remember back in 2008 when I discovered this hilarious website, that I forwarded to all of my friends, just before anyone else discovers it and we used to go on it whenever we're in need of some laughs. Its of a singer named ahmed spider, an egyptian with gel in his long hair, wears bandanas, blue contact lenses, and a poem he wrote is played as soon as you enter the site 
his poems and songs are mainly about lost love and revenge. he says them very softly. 
here is the site now which is under construnction
After the revolution started there were some poeple that thought the country is falling apart and they chose Mubarak over freedom
so there were pro Mubarak protests since the 2nd of february in Mostafa Mahmoud square, even though thats where I started protesting on Jan 28 but they ruined it forevr.
Ahmed Spider then founded a group on facebook trying to prove that Wael Ghonim is an agent from the US and masonic
 he also has a lot of other theories about the 9/11 attacks and world politics. and they are all connected with odd conspiracy theories.

"Faraeen", a channel owned by Tawfik Okasha a man who appeals of many of the rural areas, and always attacks presidential candidates and pro revolution public figures, gave Ahmed spider his first tv appearance. this is the episode where he explains how Ghonim is masonic. 
he mainly attacks 6th of april moevemnt, socialists, el baradei  and wael ghonimduring the July sit in of tahrir, he started another sit in to ENDORSE the scaf in masr el gedid.. there were about 40 people ther
Tawfik Okasha then decided to give Spider the platform to say whatever he wants, by giving him his own show "Spider on Facebook" (spider ala el facebook) 

and this show is when he started "proving" that wael ghonim is masonic, 6th of april movement is fake and works for the US, and Alaa abdelfattah killed soldiers.

Spider doesnt only bash revolutionaries he is the one that actually files cases against them to the military, one of them being Asmaa Mahfouz and the very latest, Alaa AbdelFattah, in which he went again on the Tawfik Okasha talk show to claim that Alaa was responsible for the Maspero events and enciting violence. He has been taking personal photos of Alaa with his wife, and friends and using these photos to validate his arguments that dont make sense. And that actually never works, 

but for some reason it works with SCAF, and SCAF uses spider for their own benefit to get rid of the revolution one activist at a time.
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  1. November 15, 2011 12:37 am

    Hahaha, he really is some kind of sick sick sick joke.

  2. November 15, 2011 6:22 am

    dont bother yourself! dou3a2 soultan zb6eto!

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